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Fallen Bomber Shoes Tie Dye Denim FML1ZA26

Product Description
€57.00 €82.00

Color : Tie Dye Denim

The new bomber reissue was redesigned by the product team, always thinking about the DNA of the model; Basic, functional, made for skating, and used on every occasion. With a vulcanized construction, with rubber sole and a leather exterior. With a more slim style than the previous ones and with the detail of innovative brands, it is the brand's MUST. It is Fallen's model with the more significant color opening. With Impact Foam Technology (unique Formula for high impact and comfort) and heel Drag (extra rubber reinforcement on the heel to improve durability). 

- Vulcanized Construction

- Abrasion Resistant Outsole with Heel Drag Reinforcement

- Impact Foam Insole for Long-Lasting Impact Cushioning Which Helps Prevent Heel Bruises

- Natural Suede + Cotton Canvas ( Depending on the style Color)

    Vendor : Fallen