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Chris Johanson x Vans

Chris Johanson x Vans

Chris Johanson is a West Coast based artist known for engaging with the meditative qualities of art-making and sincere direct communication through painting and sculpture. Johanson’s work plays between the techniques of figuration and abstraction, as he sees these two modes of working as interconnected expressions of the complexities of environmentalism, compassion, and peaceful co-existence.



With a shared passion for art, surfing, and the ocean, Vans collaborated with artist and musician Chris Johanson to design a collection with sustainability and the environment in mind.Made with organic cotton, natural and recycled rubber, and as little waste as possible to be cool to your living world.


Made with 100% organically grown cotton. Organic cotton is grown from non-genetically modified seed with no synthetic pesticides.


This all - new eco rubber compound is made from responsible sourced natural rubber, which was developed and engineered to maintain the grip and durability that Vans has been known for since 1966.

 T-Shirt = 5 Plastic Bottles

60% Recycled Polyester / 40% Recycled Cotton fabric made from plastic water bottles and postindustrial cotton. Each t-shirt uses the equivalent of 5 plastic bottles.



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