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Volcom Advent Hood Balaclava Amethyst Smoke K5552301_AMS

Product Description
€32.00 €40.00

Color : Amethyst Smoke

When the weather gets critical, sometimes you need to add an extra layer to keep the bite of the cold off you. The Advent Hoodie steps up and gives you the protection you need on the fly, and with a Pullover Neck Warmer Hood Combo, it helps to close yourself off from the winter winds, and use the Adjustable Toggle Cinch Hood to lock it down.

Features :
● Women's hood
● 100% Polyester Polar Fleece
● Pull Over Neck Warmer Hood
● Adjustable Toggle Cinch Hood
● Stone Woven Patch
● Multiple Ways to Wear
● One Size Fits All

Vendor : Volcom