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Fallen T-Gun Shoes Bleached Black FML1ZA35

Product Description
€54.00 €78.00

Color : Golden Sand

Inspired by all of Tommy's favorite past signature models, we designed this beauty with as many features as possible. With a classic Vulcanized construction, the one-piece toe will give you a much better board feel. You'll never find a Sandoval signature model without our True Fit feature. Mix that with our Abrasion Resistant Outsole, Impact Foam Insole, Natural Suede + Cotton Twill, and you have a very capable shoe that covers all of your most important bases.

- Vulcanized Construction

- Abrasion Resistant Outsole with Heel Drag Reinforcement

- Impact Foam Insole for long-lasting impact cushioning, which helps prevent heel bruising

- True Fit support adds comfort and support around the in-step arch of the foot

- Natural Suede + Cotton Twill (depending on the style & color)

Vendor : Fallen