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Element Groman Skateboard Deck 8.0 Assorted C4DCD1ELP2

Product Description
€48.00 €69.00

Color : Assorted

Earth is in the palm of your hand: the Groman Skateboard Deck features an out of this world graphic designed for ELEMENT’s Power to the Planet Collection. Delivering a high-performance ride for seasoned skaters, this deck’s development reflects our decades of technical refinement and industry superiority. Made with our standard seven ply formula and premium materials, comes in one size.

  • Skateboard Deck

  • Collection:Power to the Planet Collection
  • Material:Maple Wood
  • Size:
  • W: 8.25" x L: 32"
  • N: 7" / T: 6.5"
  • Wheel Base: 14.25"



100% Maple Wood

Vendor : Element